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Here is what people are saying about Media Alliance

"Its been 12 great years with Media Alliance and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to Bill's skills, my career reached heights I never thought possible. More than merely an "agent', Bill provides career guidance, critiques, and advice which has helped me to reach my FULL POTENTIAL as a Sports Director, Anchor & Reporter. Best of all he's helped me with a highly personalized touch. I feel less like a client and more like a member of a family."

Andrew Stockey
WTAE-TV Sports, Pittsburgh
Hearst Broadcasting

"Straightforward, honest, and very diligent in pursuit of strong talent for newsrooms/local & net!! Headed by award winning network newspeople who have been successful in the battles of television news."

Steven Cohen
News Director, KUSI, San Diego, CA

"Its been an incredibly good year of change. Much of that thanks to you. I appreciate your hard work for me in 2003 and look forward to 2004. I really love my job and enjoy Houston."

Anthony Yanez
KPRC-TV (NBC), Houston




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