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Media Alliance's Tape Critique Service

Wouldn't one of these  look great on your desk? They look great on ours! If you want to do award winning work, try our new tape critique service. For $175 dollars, our Emmy-winning staff will analyze your work and give you a personalized critique. You'll get POSITIVE constructive feedback...techniques you can use NOW to improve your performance. We KNOW what's news directors want!

Media Alliance®
P.O. Box 3474
Ft. Myers, FL 33918

Phone: (239) 652-1010

If You're About to Send Us A Tape, Read This First!

First of all... Thank You! We appreciate your interest! We've received more tapes from this website than we initially planned. If you are right for one of the jobs we're trying to fill, we'll be in touch with you. If you're not quite there yet, we'd like to help you get better! We would love to offer personal critiques to everyone who sends us a tape..but we'd go out of business. We can help you, if you help us cover the cost. We charge a flat fee of $175 dollars for a personalized critique. Just send a money order made out to Media Alliance with your tape, to guarantee a quick response. Be sure to include a return address or better yet, e-mail address! Remember, you're paying for the 30+ years of experience on our Emmy winning staff! It's your your future worth the investment? We don't think you'll be sorry. Once again, thanks for your interest!

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